Internet Video Marketing

Internet Video Marketing is a fast moving business to keep up with. Two People who are blazing a trail with latest trends and best practices within video marketing online are Zane Miller and Frank Schwarz.
Their latest Internet Video Marketing product helps you to understand how to harness the power of live video. How to combine Google Hangouts with Youtube to form a powerful tool for selling online. Live Video Domination will walk you through everything. Even some extra optimization stuff too.
Google Hangouts is still a relatively new product that few people are familiar with but by using it together with Youtube it becomes a selling tool with huge power.
The course will help you to plan and create your content for your hangout. To me this is so different to anything else I have seen to do with learning internet video marketing techniques that it should cost way more the the $27
You can take a closer look here

I can’t recommend it highly enough.  If you can imagine combining a skype video call with gotowebinar that would be about the power of it.  Just think of the possibilities for your business.