Where Is My Website?

People new to the internet and feeling their way through their first website will eventually ask ‘ Where is my Website? The main purpose of having a website is to get it seen by as many people as possible. When creating a website often the fact that you need to find ways to get people to it gets lost behind the compulsion to make your site look good.

So you spend hours and hours playing with the header design or font style and pay no attention to traffic. Professional web designers can also be guilty of putting style before purpose.

Many people will expect the fact that a website has been built will mean it will be found and do nothing and it will just rot in cyber space. You need to get your website noticed early. One simple product you can get free is Index My Website.

You can download this simple software onto your computer and get around 70 backlinks to your website in no time. Your site will be indexed the same day and you will know that Google has spotted it and will be finding a place in the search results for you.

Index My Website