Where Is My Website?

People new to the internet and feeling their way through their first website will eventually ask ‘ Where is my Website? The main purpose of having a website is to get it seen by as many people as possible. When creating a website often the fact that you need to find ways to get people to it gets lost behind the compulsion to make your site look good.

So you spend hours and hours playing with the header design or font style and pay no attention to traffic. Professional web designers can also be guilty of putting style before purpose.

Many people will expect the fact that a website has been built will mean it will be found and do nothing and it will just rot in cyber space. You need to get your website noticed early. One simple product you can get free is Index My Website.

You can download this simple software onto your computer and get around 70 backlinks to your website in no time. Your site will be indexed the same day and you will know that Google has spotted it and will be finding a place in the search results for you.

Index My Website

Using Video for CPA Offers

If you think you would like to earn money from CPA offers it can be a bit more difficult than it seems. Firstly you have the problem of getting accepted by the networks, then there is a geographical problem in that many offers don’t cross international borders and then there are the restrictions on how you are allowed to drive traffic to the offers. Many of the simplest ways are disallowed and people have to dream up ways of disguising where the traffic came from.  Using Video for CPA offers has been unusuak ubtil recently.

I have fallen lucky with a video site that allows CPA offers to surround your video. So if you can match a video to a CPA offer you just need to drive some traffic and you are golden. It doesn’t even need to be your video. You can just repurpose one from YouTube. You can retitle for SEO purposes and add your own keywords and then you are good to go. Your own internet video marketing product.
Take a look at this example page where I have targeted Blackberry Torch 9800. You are allowed to fill three areas on the page with offers. It doesn’t have to be CPA. If you prefer you can use adsense or clickbank offers. I have chosen CPA in this case so that the page as a solid purpose for driving traffic. These are my early thoughts on finding a simple way to profit from CPA offers. These offers are only email submit type so there is no real persuasion needed and they convert well. I hope this is a tip that will serve you well but the results will depend on how successful you are at getting traffic to the page.

Money from Video

Money from Video

If you have a good product to offer online your main problem is getting it in front of potential customers in large enough numbers to get some sales. Now that is the crux of most marketers problem. Getting Traffic of the right kind in numbers to look at the offer is the only way to make serious money from video. Simple as that.

Now what if you had a tool that went and found potential customers in 5 minutes flat? A tool that went off for you and copied the YouTube contacts of people who have very large followings ? A tool that was able to pick up commentators in your market? A tool that could then share your message with these hundreds or even thousands of people? Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

Let me tell you it is more than possible! It is not only possible but very simple to do and devastatingly effective. If you target the subscribers and friends of the person with the highest YouTube view count in any market you will find yourself prospects that are absolutely bang on the product you are offering.

Matching the target market to the offer just got much easier for you.

The bad news is that this offer is only open for a very small window in time.

If you are into video marketing I urge you to go check out the information immediately if not before!

Launch date for Tube Fool is February 1st and it might only be on offer a day or two so don’t delay check it out fully and properly now.   Give yourself a chance to make money from video  Click Here

Camtasia Tutorials

Everybody that does Video Marketing seriously will end up buying Camtasia Studio at some point. Whether you realise that early or succumb after a struggle with yourself it will happen.

When you buy Camtasia Studio there is a bit of a learning curve. Techsmith provide Camtasia Tutorials as part of the package you buy and they are very good from a technical perspective. However, if you want to get to the next level in double quick time picking up all the tricks and ironing out all the wrinkles you can do no better than join Lon Naylors ‘Learn Camtasia’. You can be a great screencaster in no time. Make videos for your own business or become the maker of screencasts for other businesses.

You can join for free and get membership of a site which provides great tutorials free as well as powerpoints and other goodies. Take your time to look around the resources that you get for nothing which will take quite a while. Then you will be able to weigh up whether you want to take the paid course which is offered on the site. If you are serious about Video Marketing and want to learn from the best this is a small investment for the quality of the training involved. Lon Naylor and his partner Michelle Schoen are the best when it comes to  Camtasia Tutorials and offer an incredible deal on first class tutorship.

The best thing to do is not take my word for it but to go over and enrol for free and make your own mind up. To visit the website click here or on the picture below


Powerpoint Graphics Tip

Here's One I Made Earlier

Probably the most common way currently used to promote internet marketing products is to make a very good powerpoint presentation with plenty of bells and whistles.  Many of the top marketers are using the same little naked bald fellas in various poses to help make their points.  The result is usually very impressive particularly if you haven’t seen too many of these type of presentations.  Getting these graphics means joining a site and outlaying some greenstuff as a rule.  Now , if you are just getting started and nervous about all the cash you are laying out here is an idea that might come in useful.  Get an ecover creator for less than $10 and you can use the images in your powerpoint. It is particularly useful if you are trying to market your own product  because you can use it for what it was designed but also graphics of monitors , dvds, book covers could be exceptionally useful in a powerpoint presentation.

Powerpoint presentations definitely don’t hack with just wording anymore so find a way to add some interest and this little ecover creator could be an unusual answer click here

How to put Video Online – and Sell !

I am not sure how I came across this guy or even when but I am very glad I did. His name is Mike Cowles and he offers fantastic information on Video Online for very little money about video marketing online.  He has several products relating to online video marketing all of which are at a price point that is way below its value.  If ever I saw a bargain as far as useful usable information this guy provides it in spades.

If you are very quick you can get a special offer that combines a couple of video courses for the bargain price of $19 and there are bonuses on top of that.  This isnt some cheap entry to a massive upsell either it is simply a great deal on a couple of excellent products that will help you to both put videos online and to sell from those videos.

I am giving a proper honest review as someone who has  bought and owns the product and can tell you all relevant points.

The videos are  a series of screencasts in small watchable chunks which are long enough to be informative and short enough not to be daunting.    I have watched the whole series over a 24 hour period,  the information is very easy to understand and encouraging for anybody that thinks its all very complicated.

The length of videos is stressed as very inportant in the course, because when people can see they need to sit for 30 minutes to consume a video they may not even start watching.

This course is set out  into 11 small  training sessions, the bonus video delay button software with training video , also with 6 page PDF quick start guide for the course.
The course is sprinkled with valuable tips and tricks that Mike drops in throughout the course.

In conclusion, if you are just starting out on video marketing  the clues about organising the way you work will be worth the asking price before you even get to the valuable content. It is a  great product and if you sit and consider what he has done here and can use it as a model you will be off to a flying start.  And thats just one of the two courses you get for your money.

So if you think now is the time for you to learn what you need to know to make some money with video I advise you to buy at $19.95 today

Using Video to Get Traffic to Your Website

Here is a little Xmas Tip that might help with getting you some traffic to your website using video.

I made a little one minute Powerpoint Presentation Video then added a musical soundtrack in Camtasia.   I turned that into an MP4 and put it into Easy Video Player. Using Easy Video Player I have been able to divert the viewer automatically without them touching anything to the website featured in the video.   It is a Magic Trick. Watch the video below and see what happens at the end. If you want to see more of Easy Video Player there will be a Banner on this page to click somewhere.


Flip Camera for Christmas ?

flip video cameraSo you are thinking about a flip camera for Christmas eh?  Thats a great idea !  There are so many to choose from and the prices vary , the functions vary the colours vary it is a difficult choice. At this time of year when you have a million things to do and no time to do them maybe the smartest choice is go to Amazon and read some reviews by end users rather than people that have a vested interest in selling you a particular camera. I could give you my take on which is best but there is so much more than I would say on an Amazon page that quite frankly you have a better chance of making a choice that suits you there.

Most flip cameras on Amazon will have plenty of reviews along with the product description and functions listings.  Some of them will even have a video review of a flip camera taken with a flip camera. How cool is that ?

For the purposes of this article I am going to send you to a great example of this and you can find your way round the alternatives from there.  There are absolutely loads of choices mainly under £100 or $150
Flip Video Ultra Camcorder, 2nd Generation With 4GB Memory – Fuchsia P

Dominating Video – New Product Release

I must apologise for being a bit late telling you about a new programme being launched on 30th November  and also for the hurried nature of this post.  I really felt I should tell you today because it might be too late to get some killer software that is being given away as part of the Pre Launch to the product called Dominating Video by Alex Goad and Mark Dulisse.  I understand that this Tube Fool software will be sold as a separate product and  not  available for no money after launch of the programme.

The pre launch is educational in itself and is worth a look if only to get the Tube Fool software which helps you quickly grow a list of friends and subscribers on youtube in rapid time.  It is automated and continues to add subscribers while you sleep.  But the programme itself is way more than that. It is a very comprehensive programme that will take your video marketing prowess up a notch or a few notches. With all sorts of software, plug ins and trainings you will have everything you need to power up the search rankings.

Go sign up for the educational videos and software and see what you think about the programme  Click Here

Easy Video Player 2 – Really Easy

Easy Video Player 2 launches this week and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.  This software makes everything so much simpler and puts all your online video marketing into your own control with a few clicks. No longer need you mess about embedding your video from youtube.   Your website sales page can be made in a few minutes including the hosting of your video message. You can have people commenting on it within minutes on the built in Facebook comments block.  Your work could be shared and become a viral  video at break neck speed.

Once you are getting visitors which are tracked in your software dashboard you can also watch  them buy because your video can contain opt in boxes, buy now buttons and can be promoted on twitter or facebook right from the player ! Your automated sales tools are working for you.  Easy Video Player 2  is an Internet Marketers dream.

There is a massive buzz within the marketing industry now because this is a game changer. I big improvement on Easy Video Player which is also extremely popular and has been the leading Video Marketing Software on Clickbank for just ages.  This is set to smash straight passed it because it is so easy and professional looking.  To get your sneak peak click on the banner below .  Launch is on October 19th with a special early bird price that is the bargain of the year.