A Few Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

One way of explaining the online video marketing concept, is that it is a marketing strategy used to promote products and services, by making use of marketing videos, for the purpose of making aware their potential customers of the benefits of their products/services and persuading them to part with cash in exchange for these products or services.

So how can this be achieved ? I hope these Video Marketing Tips will help.

Your first consideration is that the first thing any experienced web user will look at the length of the video to decide if they want to spend that amount of time watching. Consequently the video needs to be reasonably short to get plenty of views. Seven one-minute videos will usually out perform one seven-minute video.

The next problem is keeping interest so you need an attention grabbing opening. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you have to keep them engaged so fill with interesting visuals as well as your soundtrack.

If you can blend humour with education then potential customers will appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge and also be entertained at the same time.

A series of short videos will beat one video hands down when explaining things, even video marketing tips ! Create a series of videos that lead people along a path to your message. Don’t finish a message completely try to leave and open end to continue from. This could lead them to engage with your website particularly if your video asks a question they can react to at the end.

Humour is important. People tend to come back if something makes them smile. Try to get a balance between a serious message and being over funny so your message is delivered but in a light yet entertaining way.

Good Luck with your online business. I hope these Video Marketing Tips will help you on your way.