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Screenflow Editing Best Practices

If you are a Mac User then you may well have Screenflow or you may be thinking about whether or not to get Screenflow and I can tell you that it is a great and relatively simple piece of kit to use. You can certainly learn how to use it and edit the same day. I have made my videos for my Udemy Course and various other screen recordings very simply.  

However ,  if you want to edit in a more professional way and flash things up a bit as you may do in a sales video then you probably need a little bit of extra help.    The good news is that you can get expert step by step help relatively cheaply and that probably only takes about 90 minutes to go through. 

screenflow tutorial

It is always a good idea to shortcut the learning curve by watching over the shoulder of somebody else as sometimes the technical side of these things just wear us down. If we don't quite get it immediately sometimes we just walk away and do something else and that is a real shame when we allow that to happen.

No need to be overwhelmed at the idea of video making anymore! Jules has got you covered! He has broken down all the missing pieces of ScreenFlow into simple bite size chunks and I am officially obsessed!
I love his relaxed and approachable teaching style. I also get regular updates - who takes care of customers like that?! It has been worth every penny!
screenflow tips

Monica Lee

This is a product created by somebody with vast experience in film making and editing.  It is a product that you will not be disappointed in because it is a very professional creation. I haven't seen a better way to learn Screenflow editing best practices.

Discover All The Tips & Tricks For Screenflow Editing

Give your videos that professional look

Click on the learn more button above to take a proper look at this product.  It will be a great help if you are producing your own courses for Udemy or similar educational websites.

Viral Video Plus List Building – Wins Big

By now you will have realised I love to tell you if I see a good video marketing product because I believe that there is still a lot of growth in video marketing.

Secondly building a list of subscribers is anotherkey part of Internet Marketing. Many people say the most essential part of earning big online.

So this Warrior Special Offer combines both and gives you a blueprint which shows you how to get a massive email list by getting big numbers to your targetted videos.

It is a clever but simple system that you can benefit from very quickly.

Take a look as quickly as possible because it is on a dimesale and the price is increasing. It has just gone over $10 as I write this.

You can’t miss at that price

The Video Marketers Guide

Last November I met and became friends with a very smart young marketer from the UK called Joey Xoto. Since then he has created ‘The Video Marketers Guide’. Joey has a different perspective to anybody else I have seen with regard to creating effective videos.

Joey believes that video is the most powerful way to engage your prospects and customers and get them to listen to your message and buy,buy,buy your stuff.

65% of online traffic is already now video based traffic and it’s increasing everyday.

Joey wants to show you how to take advantage of that fact and I can’t think of a better man for the job.


The Video Marketers Guide


In this powerful, no fluff video course you’ll discover exactly how to create powerful, persuasive marketing videos for your viewers…in any niche!

These are superb techniques to really get inside the head of your viewer, and MAKE them want to buy from you.

The best part is that no experience is required to implement these techniques. You can literally start using this stuff TODAY and make more money.


The Video Marketers Guide


Marketing using video is the future and this is a very simple yet polished and professional way to get involved now.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and if you don’t believe how talented he is watch the video at the very bottom of this post – its awesome

Internet Video Marketing

Internet Video Marketing is a fast moving business to keep up with. Two People who are blazing a trail with latest trends and best practices within video marketing online are Zane Miller and Frank Schwarz.
Their latest Internet Video Marketing product helps you to understand how to harness the power of live video. How to combine Google Hangouts with Youtube to form a powerful tool for selling online. Live Video Domination will walk you through everything. Even some extra optimization stuff too.
Google Hangouts is still a relatively new product that few people are familiar with but by using it together with Youtube it becomes a selling tool with huge power.
The course will help you to plan and create your content for your hangout. To me this is so different to anything else I have seen to do with learning internet video marketing techniques that it should cost way more the the $27
You can take a closer look here

I can’t recommend it highly enough.  If you can imagine combining a skype video call with gotowebinar that would be about the power of it.  Just think of the possibilities for your business.

Why Use Video Squeeze Pages

Why Use Video Squeeze Pages

Is it really worth it to switch from standard text squeeze pages to video squeeze pages? With consumers being bombarded more and more frequently with hype and blaring advertisements, internet marketers are very interested in doing whatever they can to get their target markets’ attention. A video squeeze page is one tool that can help do this.

According to recent studies, professionally created product descriptions on video are much more effective in attracting and keeping visitors than the standard text page. A video grabs visitors’ attention right from the moment that he or she accesses the page, and even if he is not actively reading the text. In addition, it is easier to understand concepts when someone is explaining something in a video or demonstrating it in a video tutorial.

The video can go beyond its use in the actual video squeeze pages. You can make your offer on the squeeze page within the video, and then offer a second informational video as a bonus. Or, you can show the first part of an informative video and then invite your visitors to fill in their contact information to get the rest of the story. Obviously, this will only work if the content in your video is compelling and/or useful enough for the viewer to want to continue.

A video conveys way more than just simple text. It gives the viewers a 3-dimensional idea, rather than just written words, and this instills trust. This also starts establishing a relationship right away, not after the person has filled in his or her contact details.

You’ll see that some internet marketers actually use several videos on their pages. One may be an introduction to the person who is offering the product or service. The second may be the product or service itself. And then these may be followed by one or more video testimonials. The possibilities with videos are endless.

Except for the video, the squeeze page will have the same elements as a standard text squeeze page: a compelling heading, bullet points, testimonial, an offer that hopefully your visitors can’t refuse, and, of course, the opt-in form that visitors will enter their contact details into.

Keep in mind that professional video creation requires skill, time, and experience. But you can hire someone who has all of these qualities to do your video squeeze pages for you if you are willing and able to invest in this. You can also try the many squeeze page templates that also offer video versions. While these are a good way to start, many would recommend that it is well worth it to put in the time and effort in a customized squeeze page right from the start. It will get better results and save you from having to re-do everything if you are not achieving your goals with standard templates that many beginning marketers use.
WP Squeeze Pro
It really is the simplest software that produces professional results.

Video Traffic Academy

Brand New Video Traffic Course

Video traffic is growing everyday and becoming more important all the time.

In order to thrive as a successful online marketer your business only needs two things:

1. Traffic and
2. Conversions

While this sounds simple, getting a flood of targeted traffic straight to your website isn’t always easy.  Video Traffic can be huge for you

This revealing video will show you how:

Video Traffic Academy

As Google drastically changes it’s algorithms and Social Media plays more of an important role in Search Rannkings there is still one source that is guaranteed to bring you targeted traffic.


It’s almost too easy how to get traffic from this source and once you watch this video for yourself, you’ll see why!

Go and watch it now, and wait until the end to see the biggest reveal on how this will get you more traffic and sales for your business today!

ps  It is an absolute steal while on on introductory offer

Are Your Video Files Unprotected ?

If you are making videos in any sort of numbers the chances are you have come to the conclusion that you need to host your videos on Amazon S3 to keep them under your control without causing your website to load slowly or adding to your bandwidth.

Unfortunately if you want to keep those videos under your control so that they can’t be hacked or passed around without your permission you need to add extra protection.

Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos have come up with, S3 Flowshield, some software that not only gives you the protection you need but also provides all the benefits of flowplayer within the programme.

If you take the time to read through their sales page and watch their video you will see that you getting two excellent products for the price of one whilst getting protection for your content.

The only thing that is not obvious is the price when you look at the page. It is $97 which is superb value for what you are getting. Click the link below to read more about their S3 Flowshield strategy.

Click here to visit this site

WordPress Theme Bargain

Sorry for the hurried nature of this post and the late notice of this WordPress theme bargain offer that I have just discovered. Unfortunately you only have two days to read this and benefit from the offer which is of an amazing wordpress theme that creates just about everything you could need for your business.
It creates landing pages, squeeze pages , membership area and every other sort of page you can think of.
Beautifully designed and great looking sites can be produced in minutes
Go look at it as quickly as you can before monday because it is only $27 today and monday it goes back to $97
Go To Profits Theme for your special offer wordpress theme

Camtasia Tutorials

Everybody that does Video Marketing seriously will end up buying Camtasia Studio at some point. Whether you realise that early or succumb after a struggle with yourself it will happen.

When you buy Camtasia Studio there is a bit of a learning curve. Techsmith provide Camtasia Tutorials as part of the package you buy and they are very good from a technical perspective. However, if you want to get to the next level in double quick time picking up all the tricks and ironing out all the wrinkles you can do no better than join Lon Naylors ‘Learn Camtasia’. You can be a great screencaster in no time. Make videos for your own business or become the maker of screencasts for other businesses.

You can join for free and get membership of a site which provides great tutorials free as well as powerpoints and other goodies. Take your time to look around the resources that you get for nothing which will take quite a while. Then you will be able to weigh up whether you want to take the paid course which is offered on the site. If you are serious about Video Marketing and want to learn from the best this is a small investment for the quality of the training involved. Lon Naylor and his partner Michelle Schoen are the best when it comes to  Camtasia Tutorials and offer an incredible deal on first class tutorship.

The best thing to do is not take my word for it but to go over and enrol for free and make your own mind up. To visit the website click here or on the picture below


Powerpoint Graphics Tip

Here's One I Made Earlier

Probably the most common way currently used to promote internet marketing products is to make a very good powerpoint presentation with plenty of bells and whistles.  Many of the top marketers are using the same little naked bald fellas in various poses to help make their points.  The result is usually very impressive particularly if you haven’t seen too many of these type of presentations.  Getting these graphics means joining a site and outlaying some greenstuff as a rule.  Now , if you are just getting started and nervous about all the cash you are laying out here is an idea that might come in useful.  Get an ecover creator for less than $10 and you can use the images in your powerpoint. It is particularly useful if you are trying to market your own product  because you can use it for what it was designed but also graphics of monitors , dvds, book covers could be exceptionally useful in a powerpoint presentation.

Powerpoint presentations definitely don’t hack with just wording anymore so find a way to add some interest and this little ecover creator could be an unusual answer click here

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