Video Page Builder – Simple & Quick

You won't believe how simple this is !

Make A Video Sales Page In 3 Minutes

V Pages  will add a  beautiful video page to your website in about 3 minutes even if you a one finger typist like me .

To the right is a screenshot of a video page on my iPhone -  if you click below you will be taken to that page on this website which is actually a page built with the plug in  and offering you the chance to buy it for just $7.99    To check it out for yourself

  click here  VIDEO PAGES

This is the ideal way  to build simple video pages.  These could be video sales pages  or just to hold a webinar recording or tutorial.   You can add Facebook comments , a retargeting pixel etc so it can be a great tool in your video marketing kit. 

Screenflow Editing Best Practices

If you are a Mac User then you may well have Screenflow or you may be thinking about whether or not to get Screenflow and I can tell you that it is a great and relatively simple piece of kit to use. You can certainly learn how to use it and edit the same day. I have made my videos for my Udemy Course and various other screen recordings very simply.  

However ,  if you want to edit in a more professional way and flash things up a bit as you may do in a sales video then you probably need a little bit of extra help.    The good news is that you can get expert step by step help relatively cheaply and that probably only takes about 90 minutes to go through. 

screenflow tutorial

It is always a good idea to shortcut the learning curve by watching over the shoulder of somebody else as sometimes the technical side of these things just wear us down. If we don't quite get it immediately sometimes we just walk away and do something else and that is a real shame when we allow that to happen.

No need to be overwhelmed at the idea of video making anymore! Jules has got you covered! He has broken down all the missing pieces of ScreenFlow into simple bite size chunks and I am officially obsessed!
I love his relaxed and approachable teaching style. I also get regular updates - who takes care of customers like that?! It has been worth every penny!
screenflow tips

Monica Lee

This is a product created by somebody with vast experience in film making and editing.  It is a product that you will not be disappointed in because it is a very professional creation. I haven't seen a better way to learn Screenflow editing best practices.

Discover All The Tips & Tricks For Screenflow Editing

Give your videos that professional look

Click on the learn more button above to take a proper look at this product.  It will be a great help if you are producing your own courses for Udemy or similar educational websites.

Video Software Giveaway

There is a plethora of Video Software being launched at the moment. It seems to be a real trend but much of it is either complicated or expensive.  If you are just starting to get to grips with Video Marketing  wouldn't something free go down nicely about now?

Click here to get free video Software

Free  Video Software 

This software shows you EXACTLY What You Need To Rank and get a massive amount of views. Getting the top spots is a SCIENCE not an art.

You should know that  there is a magic formula . And if you follow it - guess what? You will get the right results. The powerful software called Hydravid XRAY shows you the EXACT components of that formula and will help you rank ANY video to the top. And the best part? it is totally free for those who take action fast.

Hydravid Xray  free software

No more guess work,  No more 'upload and hope'  

This program will analyse the exact ranking components you need and show you the success immediately.

Fast action takers will be able to grab this for free go here 

Hydravid Xray

Rank A Video Quickly

Everybody wants to rank a video quickly but not everybody does. One of the great things about video is that Google likes to Rank Youtube videos highly and usually does it pretty quickly and certainly quicker that written content. Saul Maraney and Damon Greene have put together a great product that shows you how to use Youtube Live Events to really get quicker results than you would expect when just uploading a video to Youtube. You can rank your video in the same day and earn money from your offers or promote local business or really anything you want to promote.

rank a video fast


It is a process that really doesn’t take any more than 10 minutes of your time and can bring you back plenty of traffic if you pick the right keywords. Damon and Saul show you how to set up Live Events easily using conversation and over the shoulder examples during about 3 hours of detailed video which will have you mastering this technique in no time.

It is the sort of product that sets your mind racing to all the money making possibilities that you could put this to. I don’t mean just the examples they give in the product but their explanation made me think of other variations on what they were doing. It is certainly one of the better products I have seen launched through the Warrior Forum in recent times.    Once you have invested the time into learning the process you can literally do the job in 10 minutes flat over and over as much as you like.

Rank a video quickly


After going through this product and the several bonuses that are all relevant to Youtube too you will be not only able to rank a video quickly to promote your offers but also I would bet that you will be tempted to use video as a much more significant part of your business.

To take a look at this offer head over here

Viral Video Plus List Building – Wins Big

By now you will have realised I love to tell you if I see a good video marketing product because I believe that there is still a lot of growth in video marketing.

Secondly building a list of subscribers is anotherkey part of Internet Marketing. Many people say the most essential part of earning big online.

So this Warrior Special Offer combines both and gives you a blueprint which shows you how to get a massive email list by getting big numbers to your targetted videos.

It is a clever but simple system that you can benefit from very quickly.

Take a look as quickly as possible because it is on a dimesale and the price is increasing. It has just gone over $10 as I write this.

You can’t miss at that price

The Video Marketers Guide

Last November I met and became friends with a very smart young marketer from the UK called Joey Xoto. Since then he has created ‘The Video Marketers Guide’. Joey has a different perspective to anybody else I have seen with regard to creating effective videos.

Joey believes that video is the most powerful way to engage your prospects and customers and get them to listen to your message and buy,buy,buy your stuff.

65% of online traffic is already now video based traffic and it’s increasing everyday.

Joey wants to show you how to take advantage of that fact and I can’t think of a better man for the job.


The Video Marketers Guide


In this powerful, no fluff video course you’ll discover exactly how to create powerful, persuasive marketing videos for your viewers…in any niche!

These are superb techniques to really get inside the head of your viewer, and MAKE them want to buy from you.

The best part is that no experience is required to implement these techniques. You can literally start using this stuff TODAY and make more money.


The Video Marketers Guide


Marketing using video is the future and this is a very simple yet polished and professional way to get involved now.

I can’t recommend it highly enough and if you don’t believe how talented he is watch the video at the very bottom of this post – its awesome

Easy Video Suite Is Here

Video marketing had to evolve. It was inevitable. Queue Easy Video Suite

It was becoming much too complicated. And if it isn’t too complicated for some people, it’s still definitely too time consuming.

You had to worry about the following:

  • Redoing videos over and over again to make sure you got everything right in one take or face the daunting task of loading your raw video into Camtasia or another editor to make everything perfect.
  • Making sure your videos were optimized for the web (So they looked good and didn’t take too long to start playing).
  • Having a different mobile version of your videos to show users of iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices (More and more people are doing most of the web viewing from their smart phones and other mobile devices).
  • Basically using “duct-tape” to try and put all the pieces together with Camtasia, Screenflow, Jing, Handbrake while continually looking for the “perfect” solution to make it all easier or less time consuming.
  • Uploading large files to your own server, Youtube, Amazon S3 or other video hosting service.
  • Getting the proper code in place to display your videos with the hope that mobile devices would be able to see the mobile version of your video.

Well, someone has finally done something about it.

Josh Bartlett, the creator of the industries leading video player called Easy Video Player, has truly done something innovative in video marketing.

His Easy Video Player software had game-changing features two years ago that other video marketing solutions have just recently tried to introduce.

And on top of that, Josh could boast about the following:

  • Tens of thousands of satisfied customers.
  • The lowest refund rate in the industry for Clickbank (Only 2%).
  • More top marketers and 6 to 7 figure launches use Easy Video Player than anything else. (Mike Filsaime, Chris Farrel, Ryan Deiss, Jason Moffatt, Maria Andros, Justin Brooketo name a few).

Rather than throw in a few, new and “cool” features and re-launch his product simply for the money, he listened to his customers and did something above and beyond.

He took more than two years and hundreds of thousands of his own dollars to create something that will change the way you market your business with videos.

You’ll now be able to record, edit, publish, market and track all your videos with one, easy-to-use solution.

Josh is releasing this all-in-one video marketing solution on January 15th, 2013 with a free video series leading up to the launch.

Watch the first video here.

He’s going to tell you a personal story about his journey and the passion that led him to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to create the ultimate video marketing solution.

And how you can now do the following:

  • Drag and drop your video into a desktop application (Mac and Pc Compatible) that will optimize and convert your video for the web, let you edit if needed, upload it and give you the code to copy and paste to your website.
  • Record your screen or face camera from within this application and even draw on the screen.
  • Never worry about whether users on mobile devices can see your videos (It creates and displays a mobile version of your videos for you).
  • Split test your videos to see which ones are shared the most, have the most engagement and which versions make the most money.

That’s just scratching the surface…

What all this ultimately means for you is that marketing your business with videos is going to be much, much easier.

And you’ll make a ton more money while having more time to do what you love.


Josh is also going to show you the amazing power of his creation in this series.

So go see how video marketing has evolved.

Internet Video Marketing

Internet Video Marketing is a fast moving business to keep up with. Two People who are blazing a trail with latest trends and best practices within video marketing online are Zane Miller and Frank Schwarz.
Their latest Internet Video Marketing product helps you to understand how to harness the power of live video. How to combine Google Hangouts with Youtube to form a powerful tool for selling online. Live Video Domination will walk you through everything. Even some extra optimization stuff too.
Google Hangouts is still a relatively new product that few people are familiar with but by using it together with Youtube it becomes a selling tool with huge power.
The course will help you to plan and create your content for your hangout. To me this is so different to anything else I have seen to do with learning internet video marketing techniques that it should cost way more the the $27
You can take a closer look here

I can’t recommend it highly enough.  If you can imagine combining a skype video call with gotowebinar that would be about the power of it.  Just think of the possibilities for your business.

A Few Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing Tips

One way of explaining the online video marketing concept, is that it is a marketing strategy used to promote products and services, by making use of marketing videos, for the purpose of making aware their potential customers of the benefits of their products/services and persuading them to part with cash in exchange for these products or services.

So how can this be achieved ? I hope these Video Marketing Tips will help.

Your first consideration is that the first thing any experienced web user will look at the length of the video to decide if they want to spend that amount of time watching. Consequently the video needs to be reasonably short to get plenty of views. Seven one-minute videos will usually out perform one seven-minute video.

The next problem is keeping interest so you need an attention grabbing opening. Once you’ve grabbed their attention, you have to keep them engaged so fill with interesting visuals as well as your soundtrack.

If you can blend humour with education then potential customers will appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge and also be entertained at the same time.

A series of short videos will beat one video hands down when explaining things, even video marketing tips ! Create a series of videos that lead people along a path to your message. Don’t finish a message completely try to leave and open end to continue from. This could lead them to engage with your website particularly if your video asks a question they can react to at the end.

Humour is important. People tend to come back if something makes them smile. Try to get a balance between a serious message and being over funny so your message is delivered but in a light yet entertaining way.

Good Luck with your online business. I hope these Video Marketing Tips will help you on your way.

Video Websites Are King

After the dreaded Panda and Penguin updates the whole SEO game changed. The single biggest factor for ranking high is now your bounce rate.

Losely translated that means – the more time people spend on your site, the more Google
will think you are relevant to your keywords,and they will thus rank you higher.

That’s why web video marketing is the king of online content today – Video websites have a huge advantage – people simple spend more time watching videos than they do reading normal blog posts.

And with the brand new Covert VideoPress theme you can easily run your own video websites (just like Youtube) – and you can do it without ever having to create a single video yourself.

This is the ultimate shortcut to good rankings in Google – in fact…

Covert VideoPress blogs rank higher in Google and gets more traffic than any blog on ANY
other WordPress theme I have ever used! And right now this new Covert VideoPress
theme is available as a WSO, and it’s still dirt cheap.

However it is a dime sale, so the price does go up with every order!

I strongly recommend that you check it out now – it’s really very good – and you’d want to get in before the price goes up!


You won’t regret it

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